Dr. I. S. Jain Memorial Oration

Dr. I S Jain

(1929 – 2016)

Legendary teacher, researcher and an unparalleled eye surgeon

  • Born on 6 June, 1929
  • 1952: MBBS, K.G. Medical College, Lucknow.
  • Best graduate (Hewett Medalist) with several distinctions
  • After a year in Ophthalmology at KGMC he resigned and went to UK; did DO and FRCS.
  • 1954 to 1957:Worked in Moorefield Eye Hospital, London, St. Paul’s Eye Hospital, Liverpool and Ashford Hospital, Middlesex
  • 1958: Returned to India

Illustrious academic career

  • Registrar in Irwin Hospital (now LNJP Hospital) he moved to Rohtak as Incharge of a 230 bedded eye hospital.
  • 1971: He became Professor.
  • 1969-1989: Headed the Department of Ophthalmology at PGI.
  • After his superannuation, he was appointed Emeritus Professor.


  • 1990: President of All India ophthalmological Society (AIOS)
  • He was instrumental in formation and registration of COS.
  • He got COS affiliated to AIOS during his tenure as President.
  • Introduced the concept of running special clinics in India laying the foundation of subspecialties in Ophthalmology.
  • Credited with creating a unique structured post graduate teaching and training program in Ophthalmology at the PGIMER
  • In a true sense, he was the guiding force behind the present day Advanced Eye Centre, PGIMER.
Dr. I S Jain


  • Prof. Jain published more that 300 papers that were extensively cited in System of Ophthalmology by Duke-Elder and contemporary literature.
  • Some of his original observations and contributions include
    • Beneficial effect of Myopia> 5.0D on diabetic retinopathy.
    • High IOP and Diabetic retinopathy
    • CSR: A glucocorticoid effect.
    • Sympathetic ophthalmia simulating VKH
    • Extracapsular Surgery in Fuch’s Uveitis
    • Ocular changes in Taka yasu’s diseas
    • Smoking as risk factor for cataractogeneis
  • At the PGIMER, he headed a programme for the ‘Rural reintegration of the incurably blind’.
  • In the early 1970’s, with a group of Rotarians and Ophthalmologists Dr. Jain founded a Society for the Care of the Blind which today has taken shape as the Institute for the Blind in Sector 26, Chandigarh.

Teacher for all times………

  • He trained hundreds of Ophthalmologists who have carried forward his legacy all over the world, many of his students went on to occupy distinguished chairs and play a major leadership role.
  • Legacy of Prof. Jain will continue through his students and the several generations of ophthalmologists trained by them.
  • Prof. I S Jain has left behind a legacy of honesty, integrity, punctuality, equity and excellence.

Dr. I. S. Jain Memorial Oration Awardees

1. Dr. Amod Gupta
2. Dr. Samar Basak
3. Padma Shri Prof. Jagat Ram

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