Dr. A. D. Grover Memorial Oration

Dr. I S Jain

The Late Dr. A.D. Grover, the founder President and the spirit behind the creation of Chandigarh Ophthalmological Society was a Surgeon par excellence. He was one of the first few to establish ophthalmology as a distinct subject in private sector. He died a martyr to the cause of mitigating blindness. Leaving his lucrative practice & comfortable life in Chandigarh, he chose the far-flung, backward & difficult tribal area of Khunti, Distt. Ranchi, Bihar, as his field of service. Twice every year, he would go there, live amongst tribals, go from door to door, bring needy patients to his camp hospital and perform surgeries under testing circumstances. He left for heavenly abode in 1988. To perpetuate the memory of this great man, a memorial oration in his name, to be delivered by top ophthalmologists, has been instituted.

Dr. A. D. Grover Memorial Oration Awardees

1. Prof. L.P Agarwal
2. Prof. S.R. K. Malik
3. Prof. Daljit Singh
4. Prof. A. K. Gupta
5. Prof. I. P.S. Parmar
6. Prof. V. K. Dada
7. Prof. D.C. Bansal
8. Prof. A. Chatterjee
9. Prof. S. K. Chopra
10. Prof. Amod Gupta
11. Prof. B. Pattnaik
12. Prof. H. K. Tiwari
13. Dr. S. Natarajan
14. Dr. A.K. Grover
15. Dr. Rajvardhan Azad
16. Dr. Mahipal Sachdev
17. Dr. Amar Agarwal
18. Dr. Bhujang Shetty
19. Dr. Santosh Honavar
20. Dr. Anil K Mandal
21. Padma Shri Prof. Jeewan S Titiyal

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