32nd Annual Conference of Chandigarh Ophthalmological Society


31st August – 1st September, 2019

Department of Ophthalmology,
Government Medical College and Hospital, Sector32, Chandigarh.

On behalf of the organizing committee of Annual Conference of Chandigarh Ophthalmological Society, COS EYECON 2019, it gives us great pleasure, to invite you to Government Medical College and Hospital, Chandigarh, for this mega event.

As always, the scientific program has been planned to be of interest to both the specialist as well as a general ophthalmologist with distinguished national faculty performing live surgeries.The meeting is planned to beinteractive with lot of scope for audience interactions with the distinguished faculty.

This time we have the first Prof I S Jain Memorial Oration with Prof Amod Gupta as our esteemed orator. Dr Anil Mandal, glaucomatologist par excellence, from LVPEI, has kindly accepted the Dr A D Grover Oration. This year the theme of the Symposium is “Surgical trends in Glaucoma”. We have kept many sessions keeping in mind our young colleagues viz., Ophthalmic Quiz, Free Paper Session, Challenging Cases and “The YO’s of the region.”

This conference will be Punjab Medical Council accredited (8 CME Credit hours).

Looking forward to your active participation in this meeting, On behalf of the organizing committee, we look forward to having you at the conference.

With Warm Regards,

Dr. Sudesh Arya

Chairman Org. Committee

Dr. Suresh Kumar

President, COS

Dr. Parul Ichhpujani

Organizing Secretary



Dr I.S. Jain
Dr Amod Gupta
Dr S.P. Dhir


Dr Bhajan Singh
Dr K.L. Passi
Dr R. Kumar


Dr Jaspreet Sukhija

Jt. Secretary

Dr Chintan Malhotra

Treasurer and Editor Newsletter

Dr Parul Ichhpujani


Dr Ashok Sharma
Dr R.K.Bansal

Executive members

Dr. Sujata Grover
Dr. ShobitGhai
Dr. Gagandeep Brar
Dr. Reema Bansal
Dr. Manpreet Singh
Dr. Rana Singh
Dr. Mukesh Aggarwal
Dr. Vikrant Sharma



Prof. B. S Chavan
Prof. S. P Dhir
Prof. Amod Gupta


Prof. Jagat Ram
Dr. R. Kumar
Dr. Bhajan Singh
Dr. K. L. Passi
Prof. M.R. Dogra
Dr. Joginder Singh
Prof. S. Sood
Prof. Sudesh Arya
Dr. S.S. Pandav
Dr. Kanwar Mohan
Dr. Ashok Sharma
Dr. Rohit Grover
Dr. Sujata Grover


Dr. S.S. Pandav
Dr. Vishali Gupta
Dr. Sushmita Kaushik
Dr. Reema Bansal
Dr. Parul Ichhpujani
Dr. Manpreet Singh


Dr. Subina Narang
Dr. K. S. Rana
Dr. Sujata Dwivedi
Dr. Reeti Saini
Dr. Nishat Bansal


Dr. R. K. Bansal
Dr. Ashok Gupta
Dr. Varun Gupta
Lt. Col. P K Chaturvedi
Dr. Ravi Nabh


Dr. Usha Singh
Dr. Chintan Malhotra
Dr. Parul Ichhpujani
Dr. Asha Sharma


Dr. Gagandeep S. Brar
Dr. Ramandeep Singh
Dr. Jitendra Jinagal
Dr. RajanChugh
Dr. Shristhi Raj
Dr. Jaspreet Sukhija


Dr S K Arya


Dr Parul Ichhpujani


Dr Suresh Kumar
Dr. Arun Jain
Dr. Amit Gupta
Dr. Rajeev Gupta
Dr. D.S. Virdi
Dr. Nishant Sachdev
Dr. Vikrant Sharma


Dr Suresh Kumar
Dr. Pankaj Gupta
Dr. Mohit Dogra
Dr. Faisal TT
Dr Basavaraj Tigari
Dr. Archana Malik


Dr. Suresh Kumar
Dr. G.S. Mangat
Dr. B.K.S. Pannu
Dr. Rajeev Jain
Dr. Parul Chawla Gupta
Dr. Mukesh Aggarwal


Day 1, Saturday, 31.08.19

8:30 am: Registration for Wet Labs

9:00 am – 1:00 pm: Wet Lab (Level VI, Block E, GMCH)

Wet Lab (WL) Details:

Retina WL : Intravitreal Injections, Lasers and IDO in dummy eyes
Instructors: Dr. S. Sood, Dr. Subina Narang, Dr. Rajeev Gupta, Dr. Nishat Bansal
(30 Candidates)

Phakoshala: Basics of Phacoemulsification
Instructors: Dr Suresh Kumar, Dr. Jitender Jinagal
(20 Candidates)

Ocular Prosthesis WL: An Overview
Instructors: Dr R K Bansal, Mr Shishupal, Mr. Pawan Kumar Singh
(20 Candidates)

· First come; first serve basis
· Candidates can register in only one Wet Lab

Move to Level VII, Block E

1:00- 2:00 pm: Lunch

2:00- 5:00 pm: HALL A: Live Surgery (Level VII, Block E)

Surgeons: Dr D Ramamurthy, Prof. Jagat Ram, Dr Rohit Om Prakash, Prof. Arun Jain, Dr J S Thind, Dr Krishna Vaitheeswaran, Dr Kapil Vohra, Dr Vrij Bhushan, Dr. R. K Bansal,
Panelists: Dr Sudesh K Arya, Dr Ashok Sharma, Dr Amit Gupta, Dr Dinesh Gupta
OT Live Surgery Moderators: Dr. Chitra Ramamurthy, Dr R K Bansal

5:00 pm General Body Meeting (Hall A, Level VII, Block E)

(Tea will be served outside Hall A)

5:00 -6:30pm: Quiz: HALL B; Level VI, Block E

(Quiz Masters: Dr. Mohit Dogra and Dr Savleen Kaur)

8:00 pm: Dinner at Occasion Resorts

(Only for Registered Delegates, Invited Faculty, PGI Eye Department and GMCH Faculty)

Day 2: Sunday, 01.09.2019

8:00 am: Registration

8:00am -9:00 am HALL A: Challenging Cases (Level VII, Block E)

8 Cases; (5 minutes per case + 1 minute Discussion) (No more than 10 Slides)

Chairpersons: Dr Gursatinder Singh, Dr Ramlal Sharma, Dr Asha Sharma
Co-Chairs: Dr S. P.Singh,Dr Shrishti Raj, Dr K S Rana
Moderators: Dr Subina Narang, Dr Jitender Jinegal

  1. Asymmetric Retinopathy of prematurity or early presentation of IRVAN: A clinical dilemma Amandeep Hans, Subina Narang, Meenakshi Sindhu
  2. Intraconal cavernous hemangioma compressing the optic nerve managed successfully with lateral orbitotomy. Obaidur Rehman, Rakesh Bansal, Meenakshi Sindhu, Monika Bansal
  3. Central serous chorioretinopathy versus Vogt-Koyanagi-Harada disease : A clinical dilemma Parrina Sehgal, Rakesh Bansal, Meenakshi Sindhu, Amandeep Hans
  4. Refractory Macular hole in two cases managed by Autologous Retinal Transplant Pawan Puneet Malhotra
  5. A challenging case of ocular surface squamous neoplasia (severe-CIN grade III) and its management Priya Goyal, S K Arya, Tanu Singh
  6. Hyaluronidase allergy mimicking as Orbital Cellulitis Ekta Singla, Khushboo Sheoran, Suresh Kumar
  7. Challenges in management of a case of Sturge weber syndrome with bilateral diffuse choroidal hemangioma Meenakshi Sindhu, Subina Narang
  8. Posterior Scleritis presenting as Melanoma Nishat Bansal
  9. Case of Unilateral Vogt–Koyanagi–Harada Disease with Hypothyroidism Anushree Gupta

8:00 am – 9:30 am Hall B: Free Paper Session (LT, Level VI, Block E)

Chairpersons: Dr C S Dhull, Dr Rajeev Gupta, Dr Rohit Grover
Co-Chairs: Dr. Gurmeet Mangat, Dr Nitin Batra
Moderator: Dr. R K Bansal

13 Free papers (5 minutes per paper)
(No more than 10 Slides)(Presenting author to be a member of COS)

  1. Intranasal Dexmedetomidine in place of Inhalational Anaesthesia for examination of paediatric glaucoma patients Deepika Dhingra, Manpreet Kaur, Surinder Singh Pandav, Sushmita Kaushik
  2. Do you see what we see?: ROP and fundus fluorescein angiography our experience Amandeep Hans, Subina Narang, Meenakshi Sindhu
  3. Clinical outcomes of Amniotic Membrane Transplantation in the management of Ocular surface diseases Ann Maria Rodrigues, Tanu Singh, S K Arya
  4. Refractive outcome and safety of LASIK surgery in myopic patients at tertiary care centre Monika Garg, Rakesh Bansal, S K Arya, Vinod Kumar
  5. A technique to attain continuous curvilinear capsulorhexis to prevent Argentinian Flag Sign in cases of white intumescent cataracts Monika Balyan, Arun K Jain, Chintan Malhotra, Jagat Ram
  6. Correlation of HbA1c levels with Mean Retinal Thickness & severity of Diabetic Retinopathy. Obaidur Rehman, Subina Narang, Meenakshi Sindhu
  7. Retinal nerve fiber layer measurements in myopes as determined by optical coherence tomography Rubble Mangla, Naveen Kumar, Rupali Chopra, Nitin Batra
  8. Comparative study of 0.1% hyaluronic acid versus 0.5% carboxymethylcellulose in patients with dry eye disease. Jasin Jaura, Anubhav Baveja ,Nitin Batra
  9. Duane Retraction Syndrome -Diversity between its types Meenakshi Sindhu, R K Bansal
  10. Smartphone photography to assess bleb morphology and vasculature after trabeculecto my Siddharth Duggal, Parul Ichhpujani, GaganKalra, Suresh Kumar
  11. Comparative study to reduce astigmatism in clear corneal incision with limbal relaxing incision diring phacoemulsification Somya Sharma, Ankush Bhagat, Amritpal Singh, Karamjit Singh, Prempal Kaur
  12. Evaluation of Serum Vitamin D levels in paqtients with POAG Priya Goyal, Suresh Kumar, Parul Ichhpujani
  13. Early results of Micropulse transscleral cyclophotocoagulation in a spectrum of glaucoma patients: A Pilot Study Manpreet Kaur, Himanshi, Deepika Dhingra, Surinder Singh Pandav, Sushmita Kaushik

9:00 – 10.00 am: HALL A: Cataract Session-I
(LT, Level VII, Block E)

Chairpersons: Dr Osama Giledi, Dr Jagat Ram, Dr D Ramamurthy, Dr Chitra Ramamurthy
Moderators: Dr S K Arya,Dr Arun Jain,Dr Gagandeep Brar

Keynote address: Paediatric cataract Surgery: Dr Jagat Ram 12 minutes
(7 minutes per Talk)

  1. Patient selection for Trifocal and Toric Trifocal premium: Dr Osama Giledi
  2. 10 pearls to get the best out of your Toric IOL implants: Dr D Ramamurthy
  3. Subluxated cataracts: Pearls and Pitfalls: Dr Rohit Om Prakash
  4. Trifocals Challenge: Dr Chitra Ramamurthy
  5. 20/20 unhappy patients with Premium IOLs: Dr Chitra Ramamurthy
  6. Optimising parameters for different phases of phacoemulsification: Dr D Ramamurthy

9:30 to 10:30 am HALL B: Novartis Sponsored Retina Session-I
(LT, Level VI, Block E)

(8 minutes per Talk)

Chairpersons: Dr. Mohammed Al Amri, Dr Sangeet Mittal
Moderators: Dr. Reema Bansal, Dr Mohit Dogra

  1. Role of inflammation in Diabetic Retinopathy: Dr Mohammed Al Amri
  2. Choroidal blowout during silicon oil removal: A unique complication: Dr. Sangeet Mittal
  3. Optimising management of DME: Dr Manjari Tandon
  4. Surgery for stage 5 ROP: Dr Deeksha Katoch
  5. Iatrogenic retinal injury: Dr Mohit Dogra
  6. Do’s and Don’ts in Uveitis – for comprehensive ophthalmologists Dr Reema Bansal
  7. Convenience in post cataract inflammation management: Dr Ashish Ahuja

10:00 am – 11:10 am: HALL A: Symposium on “Glaucoma”
“Current Trends in Surgical management of Glaucoma”

Chairpersons: Dr S S Pandav, Dr Ronnie George, Dr Rajul Parikh
Moderators: Dr Sushmita Kaushik, Dr Parul Ichhpujani

(7 minutes per Talk)

  1. When not to consider glaucoma surgery: Dr Rajul Parikh
  2. MIGS in Indian scenario: Dr S S Pandav
  3. Currents trends in management of Bleb related infections:DrShrishti Raj
  4. Complications of AGV: Dr Ronnie George
  5. Management of coexisting cataract and glaucoma: Dr Rajul Parikh
  6. Goniotomy, Ab interno bleb revision.: Dr Sushmita Kaushik
  7. Early lens extraction for angle closure: Dr Gursatinder Singh
  8. Endoscopic Cyclophotocoagulation: Dr Ronnie George
  9. When to consider AADI? Dr Suresh Kumar

11:10 to 11:15 am. Preparation for oration

11: 15 am – 12:15 pm HALL A: Dr A D Grover Oration and Inauguration

Orator: Dr. Anil Mandal
Topic:Congenital Glaucoma: My 30 years of experience
Chairpersons: Dr B S Chavan (Chief Guest), Dr Jagat Ram (Guest of Honour) Dr Anil Mandal, Dr SK Arya, Dr Suresh Kumar, (President COS), Dr Parul Ichhpujani (Organising Secretary)

  1. Lighting of lamp: 5 minutes
  2. Address by Director Principal: 10 minutes
  3. Introduction to Mem. Oration by Secretary, COS: 5 minutes
  4. Introduction to Speaker by President, COS: 5 minutes
  5. Oration Lecture: 20 minutes
  6. Handing over of the Awards: 5 minutes

12:15-12:30 pm: High Tea Break

12:30 to 1:15 pm First Dr I S Jain Memorial Oration

Topic: Unravelling the conundrum of TB Uveitis

Orator: Prof Amod Gupta
Chairpersons: Prof Amod Gupta, Dr. Suresh Kumar (President, COS), Dr. Parul Ichhpujani (Organising Secretary)

  1. Introduction to Mem. Oration: 5 minutes
  2. Introduction to Speaker: 5 minutes
  3. Oration Lecture: 30 minutes
  4. Handing over of the mementoes: 5 minutes

1:15 to 2:15 pm HALL B: Alcon Surgicals sponsored Cataract Session-II
(LT, Level VI, Block E)

Chairpersons: Dr S K Arya,Dr Arun Jain,Dr Amit Gupta
Moderator: Dr Jaspreet Sukhija

(8 minutes per Talk)

  1. Management of traumatic cataract: Dr S K Arya
  2. Post refractive surgery IOL calculation: Dr Arun Jain
  3. Small pupil Phaco without dilating devices: Dr Kapil Vohra
  4. Recent advancement in cataract surgery: Dr Rohit Grover
  5. Intraoperative biometry (ORA) in cataract surgery: Dr Amit Gupta
  6. Recent advancements in Presbyopia correction: Dr Sanjeev Arora
  7. Locking in the IOL in Pediatric cataract surgery: Dr Jaspreet Sukhija

1:15 to 2:15pm HALL A: Retina Session-II

Chairpersons: Dr Mohammed Al Amri, Dr M R Dogra, Dr Vishali Gupta, Dr S Sood
Moderator: Dr Subina Narang

(8 minutes per Talk)

  1. IRVAN: Dr M R Dogra
  2. Drug toxicities: Dr Vishali Gupta
  3. Using the Iluvien in treatment of chronic diabetic Macular Edema: Dr Mohammed Al Amri
  4. Vision preserving treatment of intraocular tumors: Dr Subina Narang
  5. What’s new in the armamentarium of the vitreoretinal surgeon? Dr Ramandeep Singh
  6. Idiophathic macular holes: Different case scenarios: Dr Rajeev Gupta

LUNCH (Served from 1:30 to 3:00pm; simultaneously with the sessions)

2:15–3:15 pm: HALL A: Ophthalmic Melange

Chairpersons: Dr Ashok Sharma, Dr Usha Singh, Dr Osama Giledi
Co-Chairs: Dr Chintan Malhotra, Dr Karamjit Singh
Moderator: Dr Parul Ichhpujani

(7 minutes per Talk)

  1. Update on Dry Eye Disease (DED) and update DED and MGD management: Dr Osama Giledi
  2. Corneal glue in challenging corneal conditions: Dr Ashok Sharma
  3. LPS Resection Revisited: Considerations: Dr Usha Singh
  4. PRK with C3R for Keratoconus protocols: Dr R K Bansal
  5. Rebamipide for ocular surface disorders: Another option in our armamentarium: Dr Chintan Malhotra
  6. My learning in Microsporidia Keratoconjunctivitis: Dr Sujata Dwivedi
  7. Epiphora: Evaluation and Management: Dr Raman Mittal
  8. Online assessment tools for Glaucoma: Dr Parul Ichhpujani

3:15– 4:30 pm Hall A: The YO’s of the region

Chairpersons: Dr Parul Ichhpujani, Dr Deeksha Katoch
Moderators: Dr Manpreet Singh, Dr Basavraj Tigari

(7 minutes per Talk)

  1. Complex CNLDO- the role of stents and balloon dacryoplasty: Dr Manpreet Singh
  2. Management of the pediatric subluxated lens: Dr Parul Chawla Gupta
  3. Peripheral Polypoidal Choroidal Vasculopathy: Dr Nishat Bansal
  4. Amniotic Membrane Transplantation: A simplified surgical approach: Dr Jitendra Jinagal
  5. Selective laser trabeculoplasty for angle closure glaucoma: Dr Faisal TT
  6. Ultrasound biomicroscopy in Strabismus: Dr Savleen Kaur
  7. Surgical management of Uveitis: Dr Aniruddha Aggarwal
  8. Challenging cases of Retinal detachment: Dr Gaurav Sanghi

4: 30 pm Valedictory Function (Best FP, Best Challenging Case and Best E poster presentation) and Concluding Ceremony


Poster Judges: Dr Gursatinder Singh, Dr Shrishti Raj, Dr Rajwinder Kaur, Dr Roopali Chopra

  1. Sebaceous cell carcinoma of orbit: A rare entity Amandeep Hans, R K Bansal, Monika Bansal, Parrina Sehgal
  2. The demographic, clinical profile and management outcomes of ocular chemical injury in a tertiary eye centre. Tanu Singh, Priya Goyal, S K Arya
  3. Clinical profile and outcomes in cases of limbal dermoid in a tertiary eye care centre Siddharth Duggal, S K Arya, Tanu Singh
  4. Paediatric keratoconus – is Collagen Cross linking a solution?? Monika Balyan, Chintan Malhotra, Gaurav Gupta, Ajay Jurangal, Arun K Jain
  5. Goniotomy – A useful procedure for Childhood Glaucoma in Indian eyes Deepika Dhingra, Manpreet Kaur, Surinder Singh Pandav, Sushmita Kaushik
  6. Medulloepithelioma- A rare clinical entity Parrina Sehgal, Subina Narang, Meenakshi Sindhu, Obaidur Rehman
  7. Study of tear film stability and tear secretion after phacoemulsification amd manual SICS Navneet Singh Minhas, Prempal Kaur,Karamjit Singh, Jaspreet Bedi, Saroj, Santokh Ram
  8. Management of Recurrent Pterygium with Symblepharon Anushree Gupta
  9. To study the etiology and characteristic of Choroidal neovascular membrane in Indian population: Meenakshi Sindhu, Subina Narang
  10. Early results of Ab-Interno bleb revision in failed trabeculectomy Manpreet Kaur, Himanshi, Deepika Dhingra, Surinder Singh Pandav, Sushmita Kaushik

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